Thanks to our partnership with cameraman Johan Legraie, Clin d’oeil films can offer a complete camera package:

Kit Sony FS7 (camera, batteries, memory cards, tripod,…)
* EF ultra mount
* EF standard mount
* PL mount

Clin d’oeil films can now also offer one Sony Alpha A7SII, two Sony Alpha a7S with micro system sets. These sets are ideal for documentary and second unit shoots.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through email:


Aladdin Bi flex 1 bicolor
+ Pancake softbox
+ 2 V lock batteries
+ Manfrotto stand

Shotools slider 80 cm

+ Manfrotto 502 HD flat head
+ Manfrotto MT190X3 3-Section Tripod

Clin d’oeil films can offer several lenses, ideal for doc shooting :

– Canon 24-105 IS f4
– Canon 70-200 IS f4
– Sigma 70-200 F 2,8 (Canon mount)
– Nikkor AI macro 105 mm 2,8
– Arsat Photex Swing & Tilt  35mm f 2,8 (Canon Mount)
– Arsat Photex Swing & Tilt 80 mm f 2,8   (Canon Mount)

and adapters
– Metabones Speedbooster Ultra Canon to E
– Metabones Canon to E
– Metabones PL to E
– Kipon Nikon to E