Central European Initiative (CEI) Award for Love is not an Orange

Love is not an Orange” celebrated its Italian premiere at At Trieste Film Festival, where Otilia Babara won the Central European Initiative (CEI) Award for best interpretation of contemporary reality and dialogue between cultures. (27th of January 2023)

“Otilia Babara carefully and delicately collects private and intimate material, restoring the portrait of a generation of mothers and children forced into love at a distance. And in doing so, she also restores the portrait of a post-Soviet country in which it was women who unwittingly made the transition from communism to capitalism.”

Love is not an Orange @Moma

“Love is not an Orange” has been selected for Dok Fortnight at MOMA in New York (22th February – 6th March 2023)

Another Award for Young Plato

Young Plato receives prize for “best documentary” in the “Be brave” section at Budapest International Documentary Festival (BIDF)

Impact Days for Arica

On the 19t of January 2023, the film “Arica” and its impact was discussed by co-producer Andy Jones on a Webinar organized by FIFDH (International film Festival and Forum on Human Rights) in Geneva.

Arica has become available on demand in the UK & Ireland on Amazon, Itunes and Google Play

UK Release for Dreaming Walls

“Dreaming Walls: inside the Chelsea Hotel” was released in UK cinemas and became available on demand from the 20th of January. The Guardian spoke with directors by Amélie van Elmbt and Maya Duverdier about their film, read through this link.


Karama Feather Award

Young Plato receives the Karama Feather Award for Best Feature Documentary at Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Amman, Jordan

Moldovan Premiere for Love is not an Orange

The International Migrants Day was celebrated in Chisinau with a screening of “Love is not an Orange on the 16th of December 2022. At the initiative of IOM Moldova and support from Centrul Naţional al Cinematografiei din Republica Moldova, 300 seats were filled at the Odeon Cinema. This was a long-awaited opportunity to share the film with many of our protagonists and people who went through similar migration experiences.

Academy & BAFTA Awards

Young Plato qualified for both the Academy & Bafta Awards 2023 and was nominated for Best Feature Documentary at the International Documentary Association (IDA) Awards. Deadline wrote a compelling piece about the movie; read it here


“Love is not an orange” UK premiere at London Film Fest Week 8th of December

London Film Week presents the UK Premiere of Love is not an Orange by Otilia Babara.


Through the use of intimate private archives, Otilia Babara depicts the fragility of family bonds through the eyes of a generation of Moldovan mothers and daughters who were forced to live apart in order to survive. While doing so, she portrays a post-soviet country caught in a crossroads of history. A country whose women were unwittingly put in charge of making the transition from communism to capitalism.


Dreaming Walls Belgian Cinema Release ***

VOLKSKRANT https://www.volkskrant.nl/cultuur-media/het-legendarische-chelsea-hotel-is-nu-gewoon-een-hip-hotel-behalve-op-de-eerste-verdieping~b4bfb8ae/

CINEVOX https://www.cinevox.be/fr/amelie-van-elmbt-deconstruire-le-mythe-pour-en-observer-les-fondations/ & https://www.cinevox.be/fr/dreaming-walls-ghost-story/

DE MORGEN https://www.demorgen.be/tv-cultuur/docu-over-legendarisch-new-yorks-logement-hoe-zou-het-nog-zijn-met-het-chelsea-hotel~b21a89ae/


Immerse yourself completely in the atmosphere of the legendary Hotel Chelsea by watching the movie “Dreaming Walls”, in which the last residents of the hotel take you to a mythical place.


🎬 Cinéma Vendôme 9/11, 10/11, 11/11, 12/11, 13/11, 14/11, 15/11

🎬 Cinema ZED Leuven 9/11, 10/11, 14/11, 15/11, 16/11, 18/11, 20/11, 21/11, 22/11, 25/11, 28/11, 29/11

🎬 kunstencentrum BUDA 9/11, 10/11, 11/11, 12/11, 13/11, 15/11, 17/11, 21/11, 22/11

🎬 Grignoux 9/11

🎬 Palace 9/11, 10/11, 11/11, 12/11, 13/11, 14/11, 15/11

🎬 Cinema Lumière Antwerpen 9/11, 12/11, 14/11

🎬 Sphinx Cinema 10/11, 11/11

🎬 Cinés Wellington 10/11, 14/11, 15/11

🎬 Grignoux 10/11, 14/11, 15/11, 16/11, 17/11, 18/11, 21/11, 22/11, 23/11, 25/11, 29/11, 30/11


🎬 De Cinema 13/11

🎬 Cinema ZED Hasselt 13/11

🎬 Maison Culture de Tournai 16/11, 17/11, 19/11, 21/11, 23/11, 26/11, 28/11, 29/11

🎬 Flagey 23/11

🎬 De Roma 29/11

🎬 Ciné4 30/11

🎬 Plaza Arthouse Cinema

“Love is not an orange” wins the Silver Eye Award 2022 for Best Film of the East Silver market at Ji.hlava Internation Documentary Film Festival.

Congrats to director Otilia Babara !

My Paper Life invited to IDFA Best of Fest

Very honoured to present Vida Dena’s My Paper Life at the upcoming IDFA Best of Fest Selection. We hope to meet you there.