Three awards for Pieter Van Eecke’s work

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Pieter Van Eecke ’s work has been honoured with three awards:

– ‘Holding up the Sky’ won the Special Ficc Award for Best Human Rights Doc (ex aequo) at the Festival Del Cinema dei Diritti Umani di Napoli.

Jury statement :

For the value of the story about a peaceful struggle for survival of an indigenous community of children, women, and men, defending their existence deep within the Amazon rainforest in Brazil;

For cinematically revitalising a simple yet powerful tale of courageous marginalised individuals against the overpowering predatory logic of a political and financial system ruthlessly pursuing its criminal interests;

For the descriptive capacity of a cinematic narrative spanning from America to Europe, immortalising the tenacity and optimism of a will to uphold the life and history of an indigenous community in South America according to international law;

For the strength of an extraordinarily aesthetic documentary, managing to instil values and reasons against the actions of rampant deforestation and violent exploitation of the Yanomami territory in the Amazon.


– ‘Planet B‘ earned a Special Mention and the FilmAmo Award for Best Documentary at the RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival.

Jury statement for the special mention. “The new Generation is deeply involved in the fight to protect the planet, demonstrating an active interest in building a sustainable and conscious future. Their connection to environmental issues often translates into concrete action and seeking innovative ways to address global ecological challenges.”

Jury statement for FilmAmo Award Documentary category. “A group of female activists, the style is Rock, demonstrations in the streets and police: the theme of ecology and climate change is the one most debated by the news and the press and despite this, Planet B does not bask in the “easy theme to propose” and instead of making a simple documentary it makes a great engaging film: young people will be able to see it without saying “what the heck with the environmental theme, I’ll watch a series on Netflix!