‘Waiting for August’s 10th international film festival award

We are proud to announce that ‘Waiting for August’ will  be in the competitions at Film Fest Gent on the 23rd of October and at IDFA. In Belgium the film will be released on the 4th of November.

After receiving the Hot Docs Award for Best International Feature Documentary in April, Teodora’s Ana Mihai debut continued its festival career winning Best Long Documentary at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Balkan Best Newcomer Award at Dokufest Kosovo, Budapest International Documentary Festival’s Award in the category ‘Let them be children’ and Best Documentary at the Astra Film Festival.

As an addition to the awards mentioned above, ‘Waiting for August’ has recently been crowned as Best International Feature Documentary at Valdivia International Film Festival, Best International Documentary at Bergen International Film Fest and with the Environmental Award in the category  ‘A Different Tomorrow’ at Reykjavik International Film Festival. Just last week the film received an SBC Award for Best International Documentary at Antenna Documentary Film Festival  and the Best International Feature Documentary award at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

Here are some quotes from the festival juries:

With its honest transparency, this is a film that moves you, as you are genuinely gripped by the children’s existence, as they wait for their mother to return.”  The prize for best International Documentary goes to WAITING FOR AUGUST at BIFF (Norway)

First of all we would like to say that our result was unanimous – despite a strong and versatile selection of films. The film that stood out for us, didn´t scream out for attention, but managed through its narrow point of view to expand and tell a much bigger story that provoked us and left us with questions. The director was very brave in her approach, which was both subtle and humane, but at the same time very focused and established a close connection with the subject. The director has obviously enormous respect for her characters and us as well, the audience, who are left with a film that keeps haunting us.” The jury of Reykjavik International Film Festival consists of Maríanna Clara Lúthersdóttir, actress, Grímur Hákonarsson, film director and María Sigurðardóttir, Director.