Pitching Cuba & Alaska at Dok Leipzig

Our documentary “Cuba & Alaska” is participating in Generation Ukraine at DOK Leipzig in Germany on October 10.
Generation Ukraine has been initiated by the ARTE group and aimed at supporting the Ukrainian filmmaking industry by co-producing 12 documentaries that explore Ukrainian reality from the inside, depicting the effects of the war on the people, land, bodies, and souls.
More about “Cuba & Alaska”
The documentary is exploring lives before, during and after the war
Two young paramedic women, Cuba and Alaska, live on the edge in the war-torn Kharkiv region – their mission is to save lives. Like nature, they fill the grey stone jungle of the region, affected by war, like ice and flame. Risking their lives daily, the young women share their professionalism, dreams, good humour, and belief in victory.
Writer & Director: Yegor Troyanovsky
Director of Cinematography: Serhiy Stetsenko
Editing: Joëlle Alexis
Producers: Olga Beskhmelnitsyna (2Brave Productions, Ukraine), Christian Popp (TAG Film, France), Hanne Phlypo (Clin d’oeil films, Belgium)