Marching in the Dark wins two awards at Biografilm

Marching in the Dark by director Kinshuk Surjan won no less than two awards at the Italian Biografilm Festival : the Young Critics Award (assigned by a young jury composed of students from the University of Bologna) and the Audience Award!
Statement from the jury: “Marching in the Dark blows its conflicts with whispers and silences. With an experience of resistance that is as unprecedented as it is projected to the universal. The resistance of widows who find not simply the strength to react to a bereavement, but the courage necessary to fight against their subalternity. The intimacy expressed by long shots and dilated sequences. The stifled laughter and tears that scream their resistance.
Marching in the Dark, thus, pierces the veil of the medium, projecting us into a subjectivity, into a struggle, into history. That’s why it’s our winner.”