‘MANU’ in Spain

We are very proud to share that our film ‘MANU‘ is selected for the Cineuropa Festival in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and will be presented within the category Docs Cineuropa.

The film will have two screenings:

14 November, 22h15

16 November, 17h45


‘Another Paradise’ & ‘Gods of Molenbeek’ – Semi-finalists

We are glad to share that our films ‘Another Paradise‘ and ‘Gods of Molenbeek‘ are semi-finalists for the Golden Kapok Award at the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival in China!

The Festival was established in 2003 and has evolved to one of the most influential professional documentary film festivals in the world.

The finalists will be announced in mid-November.

Award for ‘ Transnistra’

Great news! Our coproduction ‘Transnistra‘ by Anna Eborn won the Silver Eye Award given by the IDF!

The jury, comprised of Heleen Gerritsen (goEast, Germany), Karin Rywkind Segal (Docaviv, Israel) and Luisa Schwamborn (New Docs, Germany), stated: “Beautifully shot on 16mm, this is a powerful film that captures an in-between moment, at the end of adolescence, a play of youth and light located in a rural place, in an unrecognized country. A very loving view on a dynamic group focused around an unusual and unforgettable female character.”

Congrats to director Anna Eborn, producers David Herdies, Katja Adomeit, the whole team & cast and of course specially our Belgian team with cinematographer Virginie Surdej, composer Walter Hus, color grader Peter Bernaers. The film is internationally represented by CAT&Docs.

Autumn Festival Selections

Happy to announce many festival selections for our films which will travel the world this autumn.

By the Name of Tania will be shown at Mostra Internacional de Cinema in Sao Paulo, at Dei Popoli in Florence and at Camerimage in Poland. Besides these festivals, there’s the Belgian theatrical release as from the 23rd of October and some great event screenings in Belgium.

In Another Life is going to Brazil and will be shown at Mostra Internacional de Cinema in Sao Paulo.

Century of Smoke will also be screened at Mostra Internacional de Cinema in Sao Paulo and at Escales Documentaire in France.

Gods of Molenbeek is selected for Ânûû-rû Âboro in New Caledonia, for Nordische Filmtage Lübeck in Germany, for Festival Protesta in Spain, for Panorama of the European Film in Egypt and for Verzio Film Festival in Hungary.

Transnistra will be part of Artdocfest with screenings in Riga, Moscow and St. Petersburg, of Panorama of the European Film in Egypt, of Cork Film Festival in Ireland, Camerimage in Poland and of Verzio Film Festival in Hungary.

Overseas will travel to Belarus for Minsk International Film Festival.

Manu is travelling to Cineuropa Compostela.

More festival selections to be announced officially soon. Keep an eye on this page or on the Facebook pages of the different films.

‘Overseas’ wins the award for Best Documentary Film at Warsaw Film Festival

Great news for ‘Overseas‘: the film wins the award for Best Documentary Film at Warsaw Film Festival. Here is the jury statement : “The author of this film stands on the side the weak and the wounded; in a delicate film form shows us drama of women compelled to separation with their families, loneliness and ruthless exploitation. 
In this lucid but very moving story, we saw the metaphor of a modern world full of injustice in which slavery still exists. 
This film is an excellent example of what “art of documentary” means – it’s humane, it’s precise and it’s making us reflect on our existence. The Best Documentary Award goes to “Overseas” by Sung-a Yoon.”

‘By the Name of Tania’ at Festival dei Popoli

Very honoured that our film ‘By the Name of Tania‘ is selected for the International Competition – Feature Length Documentary Films at Festival dei Popoli in Italy.

Screening: Thursday, November 7th, La Compagnia, at 16h45.


Magritte du Cinéma 2020 – Sélection officielle des Documentaires

It is an honour to share that the Documentary Committee of Académie André Delvaux has selected 5 of our films that will compete in the Magritte Cinema 2020 :
By the Name of Tania
Century of Smoke
In Another Life
Another Paradise


Award for ‘Overseas’

Great news for our co-production Overseas who won the Best Documentary Feature Award at Hamptons International Film Festival. Big thumbs up for director Sung A Soon, the whole team behind the film and the producers Isabelle Truc (Iota Production), Quentin Laurent (Les Films de l’oeil Sauvage) & the team of our company Clin d’oeil films.


Awards ‘By the Name of Tania’ – FIFF Namur

We are very proud to share that ‘By the Name of Tania’ won Special Jury Prize and Best Photography at FIFF Namur. Congratulations to the directors Mary Jiménez and Bénédicte Lienard, cinematographer Virginie Surdej and to the whole team!

Award for ‘By the Name of Tania’

Last Friday, ‘By the Name of Tania’ won the prestigious prize for Best International Feature at Raindance Film Festival in London! Congrats to the directors Bénédicte Liénard & Mary Jiménez and the team. Only a couple of weeks to go until the Belgian release.

Jury statement:
“By the Name of Tania – Thoughtful lingering and atmospheric, difficult not to be moved.”



2 awards for ‘Gods of Molenbeek’

Wonderful news again!

‘Gods of Molenbeek’ is awarded twice at MakeDox! The film received the award for Best Newcomers Film, together with Honeyland, and the Best Moral Approach Award.

Congratulations to the director Reetta Huhtanen and the team!



Award for ‘By the Name of Tania’

‘By the Name of Tania’ won the Jean Loup Passek Award at Melgaço International Documentary Film Fesitval in Portugal! Congratulations to the directors Bénédicte Liénard and Mary Jiménez and the team!

The jury statement:

“This film is a sensible combination of observational and storytelling techniques that depict a touching, intimate portrait of an individual’s disintegrating identity.
The filmmakers decided to make use of fictional techniques, so that the viewer is able to witness a crime from within and can experience the journey of a victim that stands for countless others.
At the same time the filmmakers dared to aestheticize the bodies of the victims to challenge the viewers` voyeurism.
By the poetic construction of the narrative, the film transforms a local Peruvian drama into an exemplary, universal Story about human trafficking.
Tania is the name of all the women that are victims of this kind of violence.”