‘Fields of Hope’ at the pitching forum of Thessaloniki

Director Olivier Magis & producer Hanne Phlypo are preparing for the pitching at Thessaloniki.

In the mean time broadcaster Canvas committed to coproducing and Caviar will be in charge of the tax shelter financing.

Also renowned film campaigner from the UK Ben Kempas will collaborate for the outreach campaign.

In Belgium we will pitch the project at the Good Mooov pitch (Mooov film festival – end of April)


‘Between sisters’ international premiere at True/False

The feature documentary ‘Between Sisters’ is part of the great line-up of True/False in Columbia, Missouri, where the film will have its international premiere. The director Manu Gerosa will be there to present his film.

‘Traces d’un village’ and ‘Fields of hope’ receive support Flanders Film Fund (VAF)

We are very grateful to the Flanders Film Fund (VAF) for supporting both documentaries we’re working on for the moment: ‘Traces d’un village’, by Nicolas Graux produced by Julie Freres (Dérives), coproduced by Clin d’oeil films and the feature length documentary ‘Fields of Hope’ by Olivier Magis. More on these docs will follow in the next months.

‘A Family Affair’ wins IDFA Special Jury Award for Dutch Documentary

We proudly announce the feature documentary ‘A family affair’ by Tom Fassaert has received the IDFA Special Jury Award for Dutch Documentary.

‘A family affair’ was not only the opening film of IDFA 2015; the film was also awarded the Special Jury Award for Dutch documentary. The documentary received the Kristallen Film (Crystal Film) award for attracting more than 10.000 visitors to the cinemas.

And as icing on the cake: ‘A family affair’ was sold to Netflix and will appear on the worldwide streaming service in the course of the year.

The world sales are in the hands of Sue Turley at Ro*co Films.

‘Between sisters’ will be premiering at Doc Popoli

We are happy to announce that ‘Between Sisters’, directed by Manu Gerosa, will be premiering at the 56° Festival dei Popoli of Florence, in December 2015. The film will be running in the Panorama Competition. More updates to come. Like our Facebook page 

Sony FS7 kit

New toys arrived at our office.

We now feature a Sony FS7 kit with an EF ultra mount, an EF standard mount and a PL mount.

We are currently shooting with it, but from September it will be available for documentary projects. Please send us an email if you’re interested in renting this kit.

‘Between Sisters’ receives post-production grant from Doha Film Institute

We are proud to announce that ‘Between sisters’, by Manu Gerosa has received a post-production grant from Doha Film Institute. ‘Between Sisters’ tells the story of two sisters, Ornella and Teresa. They have taken care of each other their whole lives. Teresa is now in her life’s twilight and she’s having trouble facing fate, whilst her memory is slowly fading. Before it’s too late, Ornella decides to confront Teresa with a painful untold story that goes back to their childhood and might change their close bond forever.

The film is a warm portrait of an Italian family, seen through the eyes of Ornella’s son, Manu. With humour and tenderness the film brings out what it means to build a life upon a secret.

The project has been developed through the DOK.Incubator workshop.

Slingshot Films is in charge of the international sales for the film.

 “The reward from Doha Film Institute confirms the universality of the story told by Manu Gerosa. He faces with respect and sincerity the relationships inside is own family. Manu Gerosa has been able to tell an intimate story with humour and care, turning it into a film to be enjoyed by wide audiences. We wish to bring the film to international marketplace, and to support the talent and passion for stories of this new author.”

Manuela Buono /Slingshot Films



‘Houses with small windows’ wins Genziana d’Argento at the Trento Film Festival

Houses with Small Windows‘ received the award for best short film, il Genziana d’Argento (al miglior contributo tecnico-artistico) at the Trento Film Festival. Congrats to director Bülent Öztürk and the whole team that has made this film possible.


‘Between sisters’ receives award during the international workshop DOK.Incubator

Between sisters‘, directed by Manu Gerosa,/IT, BE/ receives an award during the international workshop DOK.Incubator at the DOK.Leipzig. The project, still in editing phase, was recognized for fair cooperation and respectful atmosphere within the team as well as openness for input through which they made enormous progress. The film received a sound mixing grant with a value of 3,000EUR by Bystrouška post-production studio.

‘Waiting for August’s 10th international film festival award

We are proud to announce that ‘Waiting for August’ will  be in the competitions at Film Fest Gent on the 23rd of October and at IDFA. In Belgium the film will be released on the 4th of November.

After receiving the Hot Docs Award for Best International Feature Documentary in April, Teodora’s Ana Mihai debut continued its festival career winning Best Long Documentary at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Balkan Best Newcomer Award at Dokufest Kosovo, Budapest International Documentary Festival’s Award in the category ‘Let them be children’ and Best Documentary at the Astra Film Festival.

As an addition to the awards mentioned above, ‘Waiting for August’ has recently been crowned as Best International Feature Documentary at Valdivia International Film Festival, Best International Documentary at Bergen International Film Fest and with the Environmental Award in the category  ‘A Different Tomorrow’ at Reykjavik International Film Festival. Just last week the film received an SBC Award for Best International Documentary at Antenna Documentary Film Festival  and the Best International Feature Documentary award at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

Here are some quotes from the festival juries:

With its honest transparency, this is a film that moves you, as you are genuinely gripped by the children’s existence, as they wait for their mother to return.”  The prize for best International Documentary goes to WAITING FOR AUGUST at BIFF (Norway)

First of all we would like to say that our result was unanimous – despite a strong and versatile selection of films. The film that stood out for us, didn´t scream out for attention, but managed through its narrow point of view to expand and tell a much bigger story that provoked us and left us with questions. The director was very brave in her approach, which was both subtle and humane, but at the same time very focused and established a close connection with the subject. The director has obviously enormous respect for her characters and us as well, the audience, who are left with a film that keeps haunting us.” The jury of Reykjavik International Film Festival consists of Maríanna Clara Lúthersdóttir, actress, Grímur Hákonarsson, film director and María Sigurðardóttir, Director.


‘Samuel in the clouds’ will be coproduced by Baldr Film

Our coproducer Baldr Film just received funds from the Netherlands (NFF) for ‘Samuel in the clouds‘.

In the meantime, the film crew has just arrived in La Paz where they will be staying for the entire month.

‘Houses with small windows’ wins Ensor award

Congrats to Bulent Ozturk and the whole crew and cast for winning the Ensor award for his short fiction film ‘Houses with small windows‘ at the Film Festival Ostend.
Congrats also to Hadewych Cocquyt who’s been awarded at the same festival with the SBC award for her work as D.O.P. on ‘Houses with small windows’.

Picture by Pieter Clicteur