Hélène Bocco’s ENTRE OMBRE ET LUMIÈRE Wins Best Documentary at Togolese Film Festival

In a significant achievement for director Hélène Bocco, the documentary ENTRE OMBRE ET LUMIÈRE wins the Best Documentary award at the Togolese National Cinema Week. This thought-provoking film, produced by Les Films du Siècle under Joël M’Maka Tchedre’s guidance, in co-production with RTBF, Dérives and  Clin d’œil Films, captivated audiences with its powerful storytelling.

The recognition comes with a substantial prize of 1,000,000 CFA Francs and a striking painting.  

“ENTRE OMBRE ET LUMIÈRE” stands as a testament to collaborative filmmaking and the power of documentary storytelling to shed light on untold stories and inspire change. It’s a remarkable achievement in the world of cinema that will continue to resonate with global audiences.