“Draw for change!” at International Women’s Film Festival

An unforgettable evening at the International Women’s Film Festival in Créteil! The ARTE evening, featuring the collection “Draw For Change / Dessiner pour Résister,” was simply exceptional.

We had the privilege of being in the presence of Karen Michael , Deputy Director of the Society and Culture Unit at ARTE France, to present the film “Tree of Violence” (the Russian episode of Draw For Change ) together with talented artist Victoria Lomasko , director Ana Mosienko, and of course, festival director, Jackie Buet. It’s thanks to Jackie Buet that this festival, the first of its kind dedicated to women, was born in 1979, and she has been passionately leading it for 46 years now. Immense respect and deep admiration.

Thank you for organising the evening at ARTE, Nathalie Sermon, Estelle Robin , and the Festival International de Films de Femmes in Créteil.