Double Selection at Dok Leipzig

We are delighted to share the exciting news of our participation at DOK LEIPZIG once again, and this year, we’re bringing two of our latest cinematic gems to the spotlight! 

 Planet B” by Pieter Van Eecke is set to captivate audiences as part of KIDS DOK, offering a unique and eye-opening perspective on pressing global issues. But that’s not all! 

We’re breaking new ground with our very first VR-experience, “Draw for Change: We Exist, We Resist” by Mariana Cadenas, which is set to premiere at EXTENDED REALITY: DOK NEULAND, promising an immersive and mind-bending experience. 

 Curious to learn more about these exceptional programs? Dive into the details and explore what awaits you at DOK Leipzig’s website via the links below. 

KIDS DOK: Learn More


Join us on this cinematic journey, as we bring these compelling stories to life on the grand stage of DOK LEIPZIG!