Magritte du Cinéma 2020 – Sélection officielle des Documentaires

It is an honour to share that the Documentary Committee of Académie André Delvaux has selected 5 of our films that will compete in the Magritte Cinema 2020 :
By the Name of Tania
Century of Smoke
In Another Life
Another Paradise


Award for ‘Overseas’

Great news for our co-production Overseas who won the Best Documentary Feature Award at Hamptons International Film Festival. Big thumbs up for director Sung A Soon, the whole team behind the film and the producers Isabelle Truc (Iota Production), Quentin Laurent (Les Films de l’oeil Sauvage) & the team of our company Clin d’oeil films.


Awards ‘By the Name of Tania’ – FIFF Namur

We are very proud to share that ‘By the Name of Tania’ won Special Jury Prize and Best Photography at FIFF Namur. Congratulations to the directors Mary Jiménez and Bénédicte Lienard, cinematographer Virginie Surdej and to the whole team!

Award for ‘By the Name of Tania’

Last Friday, ‘By the Name of Tania’ won the prestigious prize for Best International Feature at Raindance Film Festival in London! Congrats to the directors Bénédicte Liénard & Mary Jiménez and the team. Only a couple of weeks to go until the Belgian release.

Jury statement:
“By the Name of Tania – Thoughtful lingering and atmospheric, difficult not to be moved.”



2 awards for ‘Gods of Molenbeek’

Wonderful news again!

‘Gods of Molenbeek’ is awarded twice at MakeDox! The film received the award for Best Newcomers Film, together with Honeyland, and the Best Moral Approach Award.

Congratulations to the director Reetta Huhtanen and the team!



Award for ‘By the Name of Tania’

‘By the Name of Tania’ won the Jean Loup Passek Award at Melgaço International Documentary Film Fesitval in Portugal! Congratulations to the directors Bénédicte Liénard and Mary Jiménez and the team!

The jury statement:

“This film is a sensible combination of observational and storytelling techniques that depict a touching, intimate portrait of an individual’s disintegrating identity.
The filmmakers decided to make use of fictional techniques, so that the viewer is able to witness a crime from within and can experience the journey of a victim that stands for countless others.
At the same time the filmmakers dared to aestheticize the bodies of the victims to challenge the viewers` voyeurism.
By the poetic construction of the narrative, the film transforms a local Peruvian drama into an exemplary, universal Story about human trafficking.
Tania is the name of all the women that are victims of this kind of violence.”

Official selection ‘Overseas’

‘Overseas’, a film by Sung-a Yoon, produced by Iota Production and Les Films de l’oeil sauvage and coproduced by Clin d’oeil films will have its world premiere at Locarno Film Festival!

Congratulations to the director and the team! Thanks to all our partners.

Award for ‘MANU’

Great news! ‘MANU’, a film directed by Emmanuelle Bonmariage, won an Étoile de la Scam! There were 450 works competing this year. Congratulations to the director and the team.

Award for ‘By the Name of Tania’

Saturday 22 June, ‘By the Name of Tania’, directed by Mary Jiménez & Bénédicte Liénard, won the Jury Award at FIDADOC in Agadir!

Thank you jury, thank you FIDADOC, the great audience of Agadir and congratulations to everyone involved in this film.

The jury statement:
“Pour sa poésie cinématographique orchestrée par des images et une bande-son immersives, pour ses témoignages émouvants, pour le regard triste et profond de cette inconnue qui mène un combat pour sa survie, le film tout entier porté par une esthétique contemplative est une ode à toutes les femmes qui comme elles continuent de résister face a la violence et l’exploitation du système capitaliste. Le prix spécial du jury est attribué au film ‘By the Name of Tania’ de Bénédicte Liénard et Mary Jimenez.”


Official selection ‘By the Name of Tania’ and ‘Transnistra’ at FIDADOC 2019

‘By the Name of Tania’, directed by Mary Jiménez & Bénédicte Liénard, and ‘Transnistra’, directed by Anna Eborn and coproduced with Momento Film & Adomeit Film are selected for FIDADOC 2019! Both films are selected in the International Competition. The festival takes place from 18 until 22 June in Agadir.


Award for ‘Transnistra’

Last weekend ‘Transnistra’ won the Oslo Grand Pix: Nordic documentary at Oslo Pix Film Festival in Norway!


The jury’s reasoning: “The winner of the Oslo Grand Pix Nordic Documentary goes to a complete and balanced piece of documentary art. At once dramatically understated and delicately photographed, it unfolds a hypersensitive vision of being young and without direction in a remote area of Eastern Europe. Especially the film’s original motif – a sensually charged teenage girl at the center of a band of peer boys – calls for an atmosphere of natural bodily closeness and vibrant intensity, that, in itself, contradicts the clichés of gritty Eastern European realism.”

Congratulations to the director, Anna Eborn, and the team!

Torino Film Lab ‘Dreaming Walls’

‘Dreaming Walls’ is selected for the Torino Film Lab Extended – Documentary 2019 workshop! The next 4 days, director Amélie Van Elmbt and producer Hanne Phlypo will discuss the project in group sessions and one-to-one meetings with high profile tutors.

The workshop “is aimed at encouraging the creative process necessary to achieve the best possible result for creating strong stories, which can meet the audience and market’s requirements.”