Screen Brussels supports FUGA

Great news to end a productive week!

Our project FUGA, for which Mary Jiménez Freeman-Morris & Bénédicte Liénard return to the Peruvian Amazon, received funding from



Transnistra at BBC Reel Longshot

Congratulations to Anna Eborn and the whole team of Transnistra for winning the Audience Award at BBC Reel LongShots Festival!

Nominated by Eric Hynes, First Look Film Festival, MoMI New York
“It’s one of the reasons I love documentary. A filmmaker embedding herself with a talented group of collaborators in an area that allows me to come into a world I would normally have no access to. Expressing their lives in a way that’s truly accessible.

“Seeing [Tanya, the film’s main subject] navigate certain scenes and certain days, being filmed… I was just a human being watching something all women navigate: taking other people’s feelings in account without first taking your own into account. Seeing that on her face was really, really powerful.”

Planeet B selected for support by the Netherlands film fund

We are pleased to announce that our documentary in development Planeet B received support from the Netherlands film fund.

Pieter van Eecke’s documentary follows two brave teenagers who are fully committed to fighting climate change and saving all our futures. As they fight against the disappearance of their future, the world opens up for them.

Planeet B is a coproduction by Clin d’oeil films (BE) and BALDR film (NL)

Arica’s release started with a bang!

Arica by Lars Edman and William Johansson Kalén was released last week and immediately made big news. It had an avant-premiere at Docville and is now playing in major cities in Flanders. At Docville, Arica received a special mention from the Docville jury in the Con-Science competition.

Even better news came when Per Bolund, the Swedish Minister of Environment, announced that Sweden is ready to assist cleaning up the toxic waste in Arica if Chile requests so. Well done!

Two of our films have won awards at EcoFest Romania!

We are super excited to announce that both Arica and Samuel in the Clouds received an award at EcoFest Romania. Arica by Lars Edman and William Johansson won the Special Award of the Jury and the Grand Prix of EcoFest 2021, chosen by a student jury. Samuel in the Clouds by Pieter van Eecke won the Best Screenplay Award.

Congratulations to all the filmmakers and the whole team behind the films. Also, a big thank you to the organization of EcoFest Romania for the recognition!

Dark Rider got out and the Flemish press loved it

Dark Rider, the new film by Eva Küpper has been released and received some well-deserved recognition. The film follows Ben Felten, a blind motorcyclist who is determined to become the fastest blind motorcycle rider in the world.


De Morgen loves the adrenaline: ‘The result exceeds all expectations, now that Dark Rider can be seen on the big screen, you can really feel the seats vibrating during the motorbike scenes.’ De Standaard is equally enthusiastic and praises Felten’s bravery: ‘Adjusting to the whims of life sometimes requires inhuman strength. Admiration is no less appropriate.’

Go and see this film on the big screen.


ARICA receives well-deserved attention

The film by Lars Edman & William Johansson about toxic waste in a Chilean desert town, had her online première on MOOOV festival last month. Since then, it’s going hard for the documentary. She got screened on Millennium documentary film festival and is selected for Ecofest Romania. In less than a week, you can also watch it on the big screen on DOCVILLE Festival 2021, starting from the 9th of June, alongside with one of our other films: DARK RIDER by Eva Küpper.

In light of the release Ruby Sanders, a journalist for conSentido wrote an article (NL) regarding the main topic of the film, toxic waste.

Support from the Netherlands Film Fund

Exciting news from the Netherlands for two inspiring projects we’re working on: FUGA and MARCHING IN THE DARK have both received production support from the Netherlands Film Fund.

Both films are coproduced by Dutch production outlet SNG Film.

NOOR receives support from VAF

We’re kicking off the weekend with some good news!

NOOR, Jérôme le Maire’s latest documentary about the arrival of a futuristic solar power plant in the Southern Moroccan desert, has received production support from Flanders Film Fund.

Honoured to embark on this journey with director Jérôme le Maire, Isabelle Truc, Iota Production and Tag Film


Proud to announce that MARCHING IN THE DARK has been selected for the 2021 edition of CPH:FORUM at CPH:DOX. Between 26-30 April Kinshuk Surjan’s documentary project about female empowerment in rural India will be presented alongside 34 other very promising projects.

Very much looking forward to this!


Producer Evelien De Graef selected for EURODOC21

Our producer Evelien De Graef is now officially part of EURODOC21!

In this training composed of 3 one-week residencies in the course of 2021, she will participate with our documentary project in development MARCHING IN THE DARK by Kinshuk Surjan.

Pretty amazing.

World premiere ‘Desert Paradise’ at MtMF21

Our coproduction ‘Desert Paradise’ will have its Dutch premiere at the Movies that Matter Festival 2021!
The documentary by Ike Bertels has been selected within the Dutch competition and will be screened in The Hague and in 8 satellite cities between April 16-25.

Can’t make it to the live event? Their program will also be available online. Hopefully till then!

Congrats to the director Ike Bertels, editor Dieter Diependaele and cameraman Johan Legraie.
BALDR Film Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds