Kamay wins Interreligious Award at Visions du Réel

WAAW. KAMAY received the interreligious award at Visions du Réel tonight. 🙏 Thank you for this amazing acknowledgement.
Jury statement 🖋
“The film’s poetry, unfolding in the narrative of a sister, embodies the relentless and courageous yet ultimately hopeless fight against an unjust and misogynistic regime. The family members remain united in their dignity and love for each other. The decision of the interreligious jury was unanimous. The visual language and unique storytelling of the awarded film, gradually impact the audience. Through observing the pain and suffering of Afghan women, the directors have created a unique work. The only response to it can lie in human dignity.” 🖤

Love is not an Orange wins Prix Present

Love is not an Orange wins Prix Present at the festival in Paris “L’Europe autour de l’Europe”. Congratulations to director Otilia Babara.

“We are Fire!” received the Audience award in addition to the European Film Club award at Let’s Doc

Congratulations to director Karen Vazquez Guadarrama

Jury verdict :

It’s a film that doesn’t leave our thoughts, a film that delighted us formally, that represents our values, that makes us feel understood and feel the power of sisterly resistance.

Prix “Coup de Poing” pour Planet B de Pieter Van Eecke

Une autre belle reconnaissance pour “Planète B”, cette fois de la part de Festival à travers champs 🌍 💪 – le jury a accordé le prix “Coup de Poing” à Luca, Bo et Pieter Van Eecke avec des mots suivants:
« Ce film nous motive et nous fait prendre conscience de notre statut de jeune, adolescent ou jeune adulte. La cause climatique est un combat universel qui nous pousse à jouer un rôle et à affirmer nos engagements là où nous sommes dans notre milieu rural.
Le courage et le niveau de réflexion des deux protagonistes, encore très jeunes au début de leur engagement militant, nous ont marqués car il questionne notre système en profondeur. Le défi de la lutte contre le dérèglement climatique s’avère immense et leurs actions s’attaquent aux causes profondes d’un problème lié à nos modes de vie habités par le capitalisme et la surconsommation que ce système génère.
La caméra embarquée nous plonge au cœur d’un combat qui nous parle. Elle questionne aussi, grâce au montage, en proposant des nuances et des remises en question des modes d’action prenant une part immense dans leur vie, entre enthousiasme et découragement.
PLANET B est notre « coup de poing » car il nous rappelle l’urgence et l’importance de se battre pour préserver notre lieu de vie. »
Merci au Festival à Travers Champs et le jury.

Impact Screenings for Draw for Change! Drawing a line at Cinéma Aventure

Join us this weekend for another screening of “Drawing a Line” from the series Draw For Change  on Sunday, April 7th at 6:00 PM at Cinéma Aventure with Elles Tournent Dames Draaien

In this episode, we’ll journey to India to meet Rachita Taneja, the creator of Sanitary Panels , a popular animated series known for its sharp socio-political commentary.

Directed by: Sama Pana

Get your tickets here: https://www.cinema-aventure.be/catalogue/movie/?B9668B4E-5DD9-C3D0-3098-463298AC8F43

“Love is not an orange” nominated for the prestigious Prix PRESENT

Exciting news from France! 

“Love is not an orange” is heading to PARIS this Saturday!

This touching film is part of the L’Europe autour de l’Europe festival and has been nominated for the prestigious Prix PRESENT.

Save the Date: April 6th, h. 14:00, Cinema Le Lincoln

Don’t miss the Q&A session with the talented director Otilia Babara after the screening.

Get your tickets here https://www.lelincoln.com/…/F567910/D1712404800/VO/270427

Draw For Change! will be part of the symposium “Humor and Conflict in the Public Sphere” at KU Leuven

On April 4th and 5th, the Centre for Sociological Research (CeSO) at KU Leuven is hosting a symposium on humour and conflict in the public sphere. This symposium will present the findings of two interuniversity projects examining humour scandals in the European public sphere. Through panel discussions, debates, exhibitions, and film screenings, the symposium aims to foster dialogue among academics, comedy professionals, and a broader audience.

Join us on April 5th at 3:15 PM for a screening of the powerful Russian episode ‘Tree of Violence’, followed by a panel debate with director Ana Mosienko, Prof. Giselinde Kuipers, and Dr. Anastasiya Fiadotova. 

Registrations are open at https://soc.kuleuven.be/…/symposium-humor-and-conflict….

Join us to discover the power of humour for social change!

Press Break: ‘Marching in the Dark’ Shines Bright in Observational Documentary Scene

“Marching in the Dark” is a beautiful observational documentary”



“MARCHING IN THE DARK is a cinematic homage to the power of standing together and the transformative effect of rallying against adversity.”

Overly Honest Reviews


“Powerful and moving, “Marching in the Dark” is an emotional and thoughtfully crafted documentary film.”

In Their Own League


These are just a few snippets from the interviews and reviews surrounding “Marching in the Dark.” For a comprehensive collection, visit their link: https://linktr.ee/marchinginthedark

Clin d’oeil films at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

The programme of Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival  is officially out now. We’ll be travelling to Toronto next month with both MARCHING IN THE DARK and DRAWING A LINE!

MARCHING IN THE DARK by Kinshuk Surjan will be competing in the World Showcase section on April 30th and May 3rd .

DRAWING A LINE by Sama Pana, part of the documentary series Draw for Change, will be shown in The Art of Resistance section on April 27th and 29th.

Tickets will go on sale as of April 2nd, make sure to mark your calendars!



Belgian Premiere of Tree of Violence

Wonderful evening yesterday at Docville, for the Belgian premiere of the feature documentary Tree of Violence, directed by Ana Mosienko, in presence of the main protagonist Victoria Lomasko , director Ana Mosienko and many members of the team.

Belgian Premiere of Marching in the Dark

🌟 What an unforgettable night at Docville! 🌟 Huge thanks to Director Frank Moens for graciously hosting the Belgian Premiere of our film “Marching in the Dark”. The energy in the room was electric as we shared this special moment with many team members and the remarkable protagonist, Sanjivani Bhure. From the engaging Q&A session to the lively reception that followed, it was a perfect blend of inspiration and fun! 🎬🎉

Drawing a Line at Movies that Matter

🌟 Yesterday marked a significant moment for us with the Dutch premiere of our film “Drawing a Line,” part of our impactful series Draw For Change, at Movies that Matter! 🎥 Immense thanks to Margje de Koning for granting us this invaluable platform to share our story. Your dedication to fostering engaging conversations is truly admirable. ✨
The highlight of the day? A captivating Q&A session featuring the insightful perspectives of cartoonist Sanitary Panels and director Sama Pana. Their contributions added depth and resonance to our film! 🙌
A heartfelt thank you to Movies that Matter for hosting us and for championing meaningful cinema. 🎬 #DrawingALine #DrawForChange #moviesthatmatter