Belgian Premiere at Film Fest Gent

🎥 Can you believe it? In just one week, something truly extraordinary is about to light up the Film Fest Gent! 🌟
🌈 On October 16, we’re proud to feature “We Are Fire” – an episode of Draw For Change that promises to ignite your passion for art and rebellion! 🔥 as well as “Behind the Lines”, the Syrian episode about the amazing artist Amany Al-Ali. 

In “Behind the Lines” and “We are Fire,” we’re bringing the extraordinary work of Syrian artist Amany Al-ali and Mexican artist Maremoto closer to the public.

This promises to be an eye-opening and emotionally resonant experience that delves deep into the artistry and stories of these incredible artists.

Start the countdown with us and get your ticket here:…/draw-for-change-mexico-we… 📽️✨