Award for ‘By the Name of Tania’

‘By the Name of Tania’ won the Jean Loup Passek Award at Melgaço International Documentary Film Fesitval in Portugal! Congratulations to the directors Bénédicte Liénard and Mary Jiménez and the team!

The jury statement:

“This film is a sensible combination of observational and storytelling techniques that depict a touching, intimate portrait of an individual’s disintegrating identity.
The filmmakers decided to make use of fictional techniques, so that the viewer is able to witness a crime from within and can experience the journey of a victim that stands for countless others.
At the same time the filmmakers dared to aestheticize the bodies of the victims to challenge the viewers` voyeurism.
By the poetic construction of the narrative, the film transforms a local Peruvian drama into an exemplary, universal Story about human trafficking.
Tania is the name of all the women that are victims of this kind of violence.”