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Kinshuk Surjan selected for Berlinale Talents 2021

We are proud to collaborate with upcoming talent from all over the world! Kinshuk Surjan, Indian filmmaker who is based in Brussels and a DocNomads graduate, is selected for Berlinale Talents 2021 & Doc Station with his project ‘Marching in the Dark’. Congrats!

‘Holding the Sky’ at the FIFDH Impact Day

‘Holding the Sky’, the new film by Pieter Van Eecke about the battle of Yanomami chief Davi Kopenawa has been selected for the Impact Day of FIFDH! We are already looking forward to get inspired and meet possible allies in Geneva next year.

Clin d’oeil films at IDFA 2020

We are incredibly excited to be (virtually) present at IDFA this week with a large Clin d’oeil films delegation. Our co-productions ‘Arica’ and ‘The Grocer’s Son, the Mayor, the Village and the World’ were selected for the festival, producer Evelien De Graef and director Vida Dena will participate in IDFAcademy and we will present ‘Draw […]

Support and pitch for ‘Love is not an Orange’

Congrats twice for ‘Love is not an Orange’! The film received production support from the Netherlands Film Fund ánd will be pitched by director Otilia Babara and producer Hanne Phlypo at DOK Leipzig as part of DOK Preview.

‘My Paper Life’ at Pitching Forum of Millenium

Friday 30 October we will present ‘My Paper Life’, a film by Vida Dena, at the Pitching Forum of the Millennium Documentary Film Festival. In collaboration with La Scam and Docmonde. The film tells the story of Rima, the eldest daughter of a Syrian family in Brussels. In a mix of docu and animation, Rima […]

World premiere ‘Arica’ at IDFA

Big news! ‘Arica’ has been selected for IDFA 2020 within the Frontlight programme! The film will premiere live on the big screen. Those who cannot attend can also watch the film online on the IDFA website. Hope to see you in Amsterdam! Congrats to the directors Lars Edman & William Johansson and their crew. In […]

Award for ‘By the Name of Tania’

Very excited about this one. ‘By the Name of Tania’ by Mary Jiménez and Bénédicte Liénard just won the award for Best Documentary at Festival de Cine de Trujillo in Peru! A production of Hanne Phlypo (Clin d’oeil films) with coproducers Julie Freres (Dérives), Katja Draaijer & Frank Hoeve (BALDR Film), Javier Packer Comyn (CBA), […]

Award for ‘Overseas’

And more good news: ‘Overseas’ takes home the Best Documentary Feature Award at Atlanta Film Festival! Gratitude and compliments to the whole team.

Award for ‘Gods of Molenbeek’

Great news from Finland! Last night ‘Gods of Molenbeek’ by Reetta Huhtanen won the Finnish Oscar (Jussi Award) for Best Documentary. Congratulations to the whole team!