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First recce for ‘Samuel en las nubes’

Just wrapped the first recce for the documentary ‘Samuel en las nubes’ by Pieter Van Eecke with cameraman Johan Legraie & sound engineer Félix Blume and … lots of snow… We’ll be pitching in Thessaloniki at the end of the month

The art of becoming wins two awards at Festival des Libertés 2013

GRAND PRIX DU FESTIVAL DES LIBERTES La question récurrente de notre non gestion des flux migratoires souligne que les politiques actuelles de migration ne fonctionnent pas et, surtout, ne sont pas adaptées au mouvement des migrants dans le monde d’aujourd’hui.
Et, depuis plusieurs jours, ce sont des afghans, déboutés de leur demande de reconnaissance de la […]

Shooting wrapped for ‘Waiting for August’

We just finished the last shooting period of the documentary ‘Waiting for August’ by Teodora Ana Mihai. Thanks to a fantastic crew composed by Joachim Philippe, Félix Blume & Bruno Schweisgut, the images and sounds are amazing. From mid-september Michèle Hubinon & Teodora will start the editing.

50 Summers Home supported by Stadsmarketing Fund Ghent and Canvas

The Stadsmarketing fund Ghent just announced their collaboration on the creative documentary ’50 summers home’ by Kadir Balci. In 50 summers home, Kadir Balci, portraits 50 years of Turkish Migration, from the point of view of women. The project is supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, the Stadsmaketingfonds Gent, Ministery of Gelijke kansen and is […]

The art of becoming World premiere at Ostend

Stories in the media on Scott Manyo or the dutch boy Mauro brought the issue of unaccompanied minors to the attention of the general public. But the boys and girls that end up here all alone, are rarely more than figures in one or the other report. In their new documentary ‘The art of becoming’ […]

‘Samuel en las nubes’ participates in EDN pitching workshop

Director Pieter Van Eecke, editor Koen Timmerman and producer Hanne Phlypo will be re-editing their teaser at the EDN/VAF pitching workshop at the end of August. The new teaser will be online from the 2nd of September. ‘Samuel en las nubes’ is a creative documentary by Pieter Van Eecke. Pieter Van Eecke was born in […]