Samuel in the Clouds

Samuel in the clouds


Almost every single day, former ski lift operator Samuel walks up to the world’s highest ski resort located next to La Paz in Bolivia. Samuel is hoping for snow, but the glacier melted away. Scientists are measuring the changes in their laboratory on the same peak. While the clouds drift by, all seems lost.



Gold Hugo – Chicago International Filmfestival, US
Nature and Man prize – Ulju Mountain Film Festival, KR
Best Environment Film – Kendal Mountain Film Festival, UK
Grand Prix – Autrans Mountain Film Festival, FR
Mejor Fotografía – Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, SP


Writer & Director
Pieter Van Eecke
Hanne Phlypo & Antoine Vermeesch
Katja Draaijer & Frank Hoeve
Dries Phlypo
Director of cinematography
Johan Legraie
Sound engineer
Félix Blume
Nicolas Joly
Octavio Iturbe
Danniel Danniel
Sound Design
Charo Calvo
Producer’s assistant & translation
Jet Koomen
Sara Martinez Ruiz
Production Trainee
Benjamien Vermoesen
Meltse Van Coillie

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